Column Line Array system.

WORK presents CLY 1, its new column Line Array system specially designed for speech applications in installation with highly reflective interior surfaces like churches, meeting rooms, airports, colleges, etc. It goes unperceived in installations thanks to its slim design (only 190 mm width).

The CLY 1 column line Array is composed of 18 ribbon tweeters and 6 woofers, providing high sensitivity and power handling. All drivers share the same horizontal axis to obtain the best dispersion with a wide horizontal coverage (100º).

An optional side bracket makes possible the combination of several units. This is particularly helpful to increase vertical coverage, throw distance and low pattern control.


  • Two way column Line Array.
  • Adequate for speech applications (churches, airports, meeting rooms, etc.).
  • Slim design with only 190 mm width.
  • High sensitivity and power handling.
  • Best dispersion and wide horizontal coverage.
  • Optional side bracket to group several units (increasing vertical coverage, throw distance and low pattern control).
  • Optional wall-mount bracket available.

Technical data:

Technical data CLY 1
Type: Two way column Line Array.
Elements: 18 x 1” ribbon tweeters + 6 x 5.24” woofers.
Power handling
(low frequency):
300 W (60 V) AES/2.
Power handling
(high frequency):
300 W (73 V) AES/2.
Frequency response: 100 Hz - 20 kHz.
Sensibility (low frequency): 93 dB.
Sensibility (high frequency): 107 dB.
Max SPL (low frequency): 117 dB.
Max SPL: 131 dB.
Dispersion (H): 100º.
Dispersion (V): Depending on the height of the Array.
Material (housing): Marine plywood.
Material (grille): Aluminium.
Dimensions (WxHxD): 190 x 854 x 230 mm.
Weight: 16.2 kg.